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Tell us about your childhood.
Well being from a poor family I had to endure a lot to get get where I arrived, I lost my father 8 years old my father had a dream to see my older brother become a professional footballer. That was not possible because in 1988 he died, and my brother had to give up his dream to work and help my mother. We are 6 brothers, I being the least among them knowing of my father's dream I started acompanhr my brother at football matches he would play with his friends. I picked up a taste for football, although my mother says that since I was a little crazy for soccer she talks with all property that the first word I spoke was gool "rsrsrsr". I will not doubt because my mother told me ... I grew up in the neighborhood carandiru encountered many difficulties there, because living in a slum is far from easy, and in life nothing is easy to achieve something we have to endure what we want ... I went through all the difficulties that u can imagine .. hunger, with nothing to wear, asking food in homes, ask for money in the headlights, was picking cardboard on the streets, would select food garbage etc. ... if there's something I pride myself on talk is that I never in my life took something that did not belong to me the contrary was always in search of my ideas ... and my mother who was insentivou me in the hardest moment of my life when I retire from football decedi year 1998 saw my mother working hard ... and when I told her that I would leave the football to help her she told me, now u è later lost his studies in pursuit of his dream ... then do not give up because I can aguenter a little more.

Is there anyone else in your family playing football?
Not only myself.

How did this inspired by World of Soccer?
I do that in 1994 when I saw the Brazilian national team playing the World Cup, Romário and Bebeto believe seeing.

What were you doing before becoming player?
Mason worked as a helper, and also on a fast wash.

How were you discovered and what was your first club?
A friend named Luciano went to the Corinthians get a letter for me to do a sieve.

What was the most important title you won?
For me all the more important titles are some more expreção eg Spanish league with Valencia, the Confederations Cup with the Brazilian National Team, Copa America also with the Brazilian national team and European champions AC Milan in Italy.

What is the relationship you have with your family?
As a united family always, whenever I'm on vacation with them.

How was the change out of Brazil?
Very good because I always had the desire to play outside Brazil in particular in Spain .. all athletes dream of playing in Europe, I realized this dream and grown a lot professionally.

Write a review of his career.
A successful career with many unforgettable moments.

Talk a little about his trip to Selection.
All players dream of one day building a Brazilian team, my first call for Selecting happened in 2002 right after the world title that year. I lived moments of joy in the selection because I never thought being alongside the best players in the world, I was close to realizing a big dream, to play a World Cup 2006 more due to a right knee injury was not making possible more general analysis a great passage full of joy and victory.



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